OBMJ - Brazilian Jamaican Music Orchestra, one of the most important and influential instrumental bands in Brazil, presents their new work, “OBMJazz live at Casa de Francisca”, a show recorded on a magical night in February 2020 at the famous Casa de Francisca, located in the heart of downtown São Paulo. The show, a tribute to jazz and Jamaican music, strolls through the famous American jazz standards, goes to Jamaica in the 1960s and flirts with current ska bands from the world stage.

In the show's repertoire, ska, reggae and rocksteady versions of the work of names like Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Paul Desmond, Don Drummond, The Skatalites, Melbourne SKA Orchestra, Western Standard Time, among others.

For the official launch of the show, OBMJ will hold a live on the 16th of October, Friday, at 21h, with transmission through the channels of Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.