Feminine Hi-Fi, a São Paulo-led project and label led by women and focused on the language of reggae and sound system, launched on October 10th the track “Femina Ganja”. The single, produced by Digitaldubs, features voices and composition from singers Lei Di Dai, Laylah Arruda, Mis Ivy, Shirley Casaverde and Jamaican Sister Carol.

Feminine power and awareness

Femina Ganja brings to listeners the format that became popular in Jamaica from the 1960s and spread throughout the world at sound system parties. In it, several singers deal with the same riddim (name given in Jamaica to the instrumental base), which inspired over time other genres and musical strands, such as rap and its cyphers.  

Jamaican Kingston-born Jamaican Sister Carol was raised in New York's Brooklin neighborhood and opened her own label called Black Cinderella in the 1980s. She is one of the pioneering female voices of world reggae. Also known as Mother Culture, it brings in its lyrics conscious messages on topics such as female power, ancestry and society. While in Brazil in 2018, Carol joined singers Laylah Arruda, Lei Di Dai, Mis Ivy and Shirley Casaverde under digital production from Digitaldubs, and the result was the single Femina Ganja. 

The range is available at all digital platforms, and the premiere is accompanied by a music video directed by Bianca Hoffmann. Watch below or clicking here


Direction: Bianca Hoffmann

Assistant Director: Karú Martins

Director of Photography: Bianca Hoffmann, Karú Martins, Filipa Aurélio and Neto In

Photograph: Filipa Aurélio and Karú Martins

Lighting: Neto In

Scenography: Jessica Correia

Edition and Coloring: Bianca Hoffmann and Karú Martins

Motion Design: Bianca Hoffmann

Finishing: Bianca Hoffmann

Screenplay: Feminine Hi-Fi

Creative Direction: Lys Ventura

Executive Production: Lys Ventura

Production Assistant: Andrea Lovesteady

Styling: Juliana Borba

Accessories: Ohime Glam

Nails: Cocoa Brito

Hair: Thaty Braids

Makeup: Alexandre's Camila and Lightness

Driver: Fábio Passos

Support: Inca Headshop

Special Thanks: Clarice Reichstul and Ep Musical

Label: Feminine Hi-Fi Tunes

Communication Advisory: Content

Sister Carol Laylah Arruda Lei Di Dai Mis Ivy Shirley Green House

Music Production and Mixing: DigitalDubs

Mastering: Buguinha Dub

Recorded at Ekord Studio in Sao Paulo