On Tuesday, December 10, the Museum of Image and Sound - MIS SP inaugurates the last show of the program Nova Fotografia 2019: “Radiolas”, by Felipe Larozza. With free admission, the exhibition will run until January 19, 2020.

São Luís, capital of Maranhão, is also the reggae capital in Brazil. The Maranhão live and produce reggae so intimately that it seems that the origin of everything is there. There is a proper way of dancing and a romantic cadence in the songs that gives the style a very Brazilian tone. There are currently an estimated 200 radiolas - name given to sound teams - made up of DJs, seasoned assemblers and stereos with dozens of powerful stacked amplifier boxes. In recent years the Maranhão scene has been spreading throughout Brazil, especially in the city of São Paulo. Felipe Larozza's essay seeks in the state of origin the roots and current situation of this huge cultural scene and closes with the arrival of these sound teams in the city of São Paulo.

The series is composed of 16 images and was held between 2016 and 2019 in São Luís (MA) and in São Paulo.

Felipe Larozza is a photographer and film director. In the 2013/14 protests he made his first press appearances. From 2014 until the beginning of 2019, he was a photographer and photo editor at VICE Brazil - where he also specialized in the production of Internet documentaries; He has worked as a freelancer in national and international news agencies. He participated in several group exhibitions, including Do Rio that was Doce on the other side of the tracks (Belém, São Luís and Salvador, 2017) and 7th edition of Doc Galeria Photography SP (São Paulo, 2016).


New Photography 2019 - Radiolas, by Felipe Larozza 

From 10/12/2019 to 19/01/2020, from 10h to 20h

MIS - Museum of Image and Sound - Avenida Europa, 158 - Jardim Europa - SP / SP

Free entrance

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