Who has never imagined a toy coming to life and starring in various adventures, as in the famous movie Pixar Toy Story?
Photographer Jared Middleton has taken this imagination to the next level, using his profession to bring these toys to life, in scenarios that could be from everyday movies or scenes.

Taking pictures of toys is not the only highlight of his work, as the pictures are incredibly realistic and in many cases it is hard to see that they are pictures and not part of a movie with a huge crew behind the scenes.
Of course, such high quality work is not easy, and requires a lot of creativity and dedication. Jared often uses real fire and water as well as other elements to give your photos more truth.

Among your many photos you can see some featured themes like Star Wars, Dragon Ball and Pokémon, as well as some pictures with mixed groups of toys.

Dragon Ball

Star Wars


Below you can check out some of your creative process.

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