Although it is a painful subject, death can also be approached from an interesting aspect, especially when technology and the market come into play.

If a portion of the population can enjoy a life of comfort and luxury, jewelry specialists have found an opportunity to eternalize the memory of loved ones in a very sophisticated way. The luxury market has reached the funeral segment through the refinement of the funeral ceremony, the sumptuousness of the exclusive wreath and also for the treatment of the body of a deceased person.

Spending tens or hundreds of thousands of reais, cremation ashes can be eternalized in the form of diamonds: the most precious, resistant, and durable stone known to man.

The technology behind the tribute

The high cost of producing memorial jewelry, as the ashes diamond is known, is tied to the high technology, ultra-skilled labor, and time required to artificially produce the gemstone. Thanks to advances in mineralogy research, the same carbon contained in the ashes of a cremation can be transformed into the raw material of synthetic diamond.

In the laboratory, the ash will undergo a lengthy HPHT (high-pressure, high-temperature) process in which the organic material is subjected to high pressures and temperatures that recreate the natural conditions for stone formation. But instead of taking millions of years as occurs in nature, the process takes only a few months to create the crystal.

To get an idea, scientists believe that the first diamonds were formed on the planet about 2.5 billion years ago. The stones are composed of pure carbon compressed and heated in the earth's mantle, 160 km deep below the earth's surface, at temperatures as high as 1050°C.

The owner of the diamond can choose specific colors generated during the process as well as different cut shapes, making the gemstone even more significant. It is worth remembering that the synthesized diamond maintains the same physical-chemical characteristics and brilliance as a natural stone.

Most synthetic diamond creation labs offer a certificate of authenticity for the jewelry, and may also insert a microscopic serial number into the diamond for identification and verification.

Diamonds are eternal

It is no wonder that many people have turned the ashes of a loved one or a pet as a way to preserve the memory of the departed into a jewel of infinite brilliance. Ashes turned into diamonds symbolize infinite love through the beauty of the timeless meaning of these precious stones.

Once ready, memorial diamonds can be kept or make up rings, necklaces, and brooches that can be worn or passed down from generation to generation among family members.

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