With the Clubhouse boom, a space in the market for voice as a form of networking and social interaction became evident, which clearly in times of pandemic the need was amplified. Clubhouse has seen an explosion in popularity in recent months, and this week Spotify also entered the fray with its new product: Greenroom.

The application follows a similar concept where users can create rooms and chat openly in them, but there are some details that are worth knowing about the app:

1. Available on Android and iOS:

Unlike CLubhouse, Greenroom has already launched with apps for Android and iOS in 135 markets. For now the app is only available in English, but translations should be on the way.

"The Greenroom offering will continue to evolve as we learn more about what creators and listeners want from their live audio experience. We'll also bring exciting new programming to the platform spanning music, culture and entertainment themes, in addition to the sports content Locker Room has been known for."

2. Real-time chat:

Greenroom also brings a chat feature in the rooms, where users can chat by text, send links gifs, which ends up bringing even more interactivity to the conversations.

3. Recording the rooms:

Greenroom also brings the option to record the rooms, and send the audio file at the end, which can later be published as a Podcast on the users' preferred platform.

4. Separate app:

Unlike Twitter's approach, where Twitter Space is part of the main app, Greenroom currently has its own app, which can be accessed with your Spotify login.

5. Creator Fund:

Unfortunately still only available in the US, Greenroom will also be part of the Spotify Creator Fund, which will help audio creators monetize their work.

We believe Spotify has an opportunity to not only enable live streams, but to aid discovery, drive consumption and accelerate the growth of the live category overall. The release of the app is our opportunity to start laying the foundation for the exciting list of content and capabilities Spotify has in our venture into live audio, concludes Spotify

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