The two most popular songs from the movie Encanto have been covered by The Punk Rock Factory, and it's heavier than you'd expect.

If you haven't seen the Disney movie Encanto released this year, it's worth pointing out a few details:

  • The movie features music written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, known for the musical Hamilton and also for the songs in Moana
  • The original English soundtrack (available here on Spotify) checked in at number 1 on Billboard, being the first soundtrack after Frozen II to reach the top.
  • We haven't talked about Bruno becoming one of the most successful Disney movie songs, along with Alladin (the classic).

And of course like all good music, several covers will start to emerge, and this one from Punk Rock Factory caught our attention, for the quality, and also caught the attention of the original actresses of the film, Stephanie Beatriz (Isabel) and Jessica Darrow (Luisa), the latter also participated in the cover of Estou Nervosa.

Punk rock group Factory has been having a lot of success with a variety of covers, from Ducktales, Wicked, to bands like Evanescence. Check out the versions below and let us know what you think:

We don't talk about Bruno

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I'm Nervous

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