Jamaica and Brazil meet in a reggae lovers to make your heart beat faster in the involving ?Heartbeat?, with voice and composition by Laylah Arruda and Regiane Cordeiro, and musical production by the Swiss Res Staudenmann. The song will be part of the album/project Female Reggae Voices, headed by Res, which gathers songs in female voices from different parts of the world.

All the work of capturing, recording, and editing was done at a distance - Laylah in the USA, in Chicago, and Regiane in Brazil, in São Paulo - and brought a result that wants to stimulate the potential of affections and the proximity between those who love each other, even with the physical distance. "In times of isolation and tight hearts, we want the love and partnership between couples to be strong, we want to shake the passions," explains Laylah Arruda. The song is available today, 08/19, on the main digital platforms. "Heartbeat is a song that talks about love and desire, pure and simple. We bet on this theme, believing that women also have to approach love under the optic of sensuality?, concludes Regiane Cordeiro.

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