The São Paulo band Buena Onda Reggae Club, a name that has stood out in the national instrumental scene, today releases their newest single. “The Island” creates a connection between elements of northeastern regional music and the sound of English reggae with its Jamaican roots. 

“'A Ilha' is one of the most dancing songs on the new album to be released in early 2020. It has a very different take on the things we've done, and brings an ideal spice to play on the tracks.”, Explains Victor Fão, trombonist of the band. 

The song is on the group's next album, Buena Onda Reggae Club II. Victor Rice, one of the most sought after Jamaican music producers in the world who has worked with names like Elza Soares & #8211; in 2017 Victor took a Latin Grammy for the mix of The Woman of the End of the World & #8211; Curumim, Anelis Assumpção and Bixiga 70, is responsible for the musical production of the single and the album.   

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Produced and mixed by: Victor Rice

Recorded at Ekord Studio by: Leonardo Marques and Victor Rice

Mastered by: Fernando Sanches & #8211; El Rocha Studio

Cover by: Edson Ikê

Composition by Victor Fão

Arrangements by: Buena Onda Reggae Club

Communication Advisory by: Dani Pimenta / Content

Executive Production By: Adriana Yuki

About Buena Onda Reggae Club

Born from the connection between the city of São Paulo and the Greater ABC Region, the instrumental band Buena Onda Reggae Club was founded in 2016 and is currently one of the strong names in the independent scene of SP. Formed by members of major bands and projects in the contemporary national scene such as Nomade Orchestra, Samuca and the Jungle, Black Mantra, Jah-Van, Reggae Little Lions (Lions of Israel), Ba-Boom, among others, the Buena Onda Reggae Club features with Kiko Bonato on keyboards, Eduardo Marmo on bass, Marcos Mossi on guitar, Felipe Guedes on drums, Cauê Vieira on sax and flute, Rodrigo Ribeiro on trumpet and Victor Fão on trombone.

The group performs a fusion of music mixing and combining Jamaican rhythms such as ska, reggae, rocksteady and dub with other trends such as salsa, jazz, afrobeat and Caribbean music and brasilities. Conveying a positive vibe, it has been gaining a wide and diverse audience with its shows. The band produced along with bassist and producer Pedro Lobo (Braza) their first studio album, "Buena Onda Reggae Club", with 6 songs and two Dubs Remix. The album was released in August 2017 and is available on all digital and CD platforms. 

Buena Onda Reggae Club has gone through stages like Sesc Paulista, Sesc Araraquara, Sesc Belenzinho, Thinking World, Bixiga Studio, Citylights Hostel, Ze President, Boiler House, Hangar 110, Bourbon Street, CavePool, Estrella Galicia Rio Verde Station, Al Janiah , Carioca Club, Blue House, Dog Lab, Youth Cultural Center & #8211; CCJ, Lar Mar (all in the state capital), as well as spaces in ABC Paulista such as Casamarela, 74 Club, To The Sea, Japa and Tree, and houses in Ilha Comprida, on the coast of São Paulo, and Ribeirão Preto, inland. He has also participated in the Primavera, Te Amo and SIM São Paulo festivals, both in the capital, and shared the night with expressive names on the national scene such as OBMJ, Samuel Rosa (Skank), Laylah Arruda, Xaxado Novo, Samuel Samuca (Samuca and Selva ), Victor Rice, Skafandros Orchestra, Braza and Rafa Moura.

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