Throughout human history, different peoples and cultures have found the most varied ways to show love to those they are dear to. In addition to words, many art forms fulfill this role and will continue to fulfill the mission of materializing such complex and profound feelings, whether through literature, visual arts and, mainly, music.

Brazilian funerary traditions usually express themselves in a more silent and reserved way, through tributes with flowers, crown for wake and prayers. Here, the songs are rarely performed during funerals and burials, except for the singing of songs, for example, hymns or religious songs supporting the faith of the deceased or the mourners who are there to say goodbye to a loved one.

But, around the world, it is common for family and friends to choose songs or ballads that express the intensity of love, the pain of parting and hope for those who have lost a relative or someone special. In many cases, even the deceased himself can communicate in life which song he wants to be played on his own farewell.

List of the most played

The practice is so common that the British newspaper The Guardian brought a updated list in 2019 with the most played songs at funerals in the country. The analysis shows that the most popular songs are standing out from the religious and classical hymns played for decades on these sensitive and emotional occasions.

The data was obtained through Co-op Funeralcare, one of the largest companies in the segment that organizes up to 100,000 funeral ceremonies every year.

According to the experts, the change in the choice of songs shows an intense change in behavior in which people are looking for increasingly personalized experiences to replace the traditional funeral that can be cold and melancholy.

While the absolute classic My Way continues on top of the podium, the entry of contemporary artists such as pop star Ed Sheeran draws attention with the beautiful song he composed to honor his late grandmother and he did it with mastery, adopting his mother's gaze on she.

See the list

1- My Way - Frank Sinatra

2 - Time To Say Goodbye - Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

3 - Over The Rainbow - Eva Cassidy

4 - Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler

5 - Angels - Robbie Williams

6 - Supermarket Flowers - Ed Sheeran

7 - Unforgettable - Nat King Cole

8 - You Raise Me Up - Westlife

9 - We'll Meet Again - Vera Lynn

10 - Always Looking To The Bright Side Of LIfe - Eric Idle

Other light and irreverent choices

In addition to the songs featured in the top 10, other songs released by Co-op Funeral were also requested to bring lightness or even humor during some funerals. This is an attempt to break the funeral air among the mourners and even make them smile in such a delicate and sad moment.

Among some of these choices are Stairway to Heaven from the iconic Led Zeppelin or even Bat Out of Hell from the hard rock and glam band Meat Loaf.

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