THE Farmer Gang, led by brothers Thales Lion Farmer and Théo Anzelotti, just released his first album, entitled "Music Is Love", which has 9 copyright songs. With the memory of the soul classics, the desire to dance to Latin music, the virtuous improvisations of blues and jazz and the energy that washes the soul with good old rock'n'roll, the disc brings a unique experience to the audience.

The team is formed by music legends in Brazil: the drummer Sergio DellaMonica, who helped write the history of national rock and played with great artists such as Raul Seixas, Rita Lee, Ney Matogrosso, Cazuza and Gilberto Gil; Ary holland, considered one of the most important pianists in the country; and the percussionist Enio di Bonito, who is part of Santana's cover band, Kaduna, and has played with Santana himself, of whom he became friends. In addition, Thales, who is the guitarist of one of the most important reggae bands in Brazil, Leões de Israel, has also accompanied several stars of the style, such as singer Marcia Griffiths, a member of the legendary I-Threes, Bob's backing trio Marley, and singer Gregory Isaacs.

Before the debut of the first album, the band participated last August in the KISS CLUB LIVE, gives Kiss FM Radio, and released the working single “Do You Do (Got to Be Real)” (listen on here). 

“Music Is Love” is produced by Ché Costa, who was Tom Capone's right-hand man (Toca do Bandido, one of the most important music studios in the world). The cover of the debut album of the Farmer Gang was produced by the artist Cristiano Suarez, known for creating illustrations for national and international music artists - such as the famous and controversial poster of the Dead Kennedys' Brazilian tour. 

Listen to “Music Is Love”: