Coming from Oslo, Norway, the crossover of the band Flying Rabbit. Inspired by retro psychedelia, garage, surf rock and global music, Flying Rabbit perfectly fuses exotic scales and groovy rhythms into a modern sound. The group is made up of musicians from Wales, England, Sweden and Norway, all united around the love of music that moves the mind, body and soul.

On January 15th, Flying Rabbit released their first EP, “Eclectic Playground”, composed of 4 tracks. Along with the EP, the group also released a video clip, “Keep On Digging”.

The EP goes through several styles, from psychedelic rock from the 60s to funk, from jazz to garage rock. It is an absolutely interesting and creative musical journey. The songs were written by singer Emily C. Brannigan and guitarist Jacob Kronen, as well as Emily's father. The cover art is by Simon Berndt (One Horse Town Illustration Studio).

The full debut album is in progress, and aims to keep the audience connected to the group's vibrant, psychedelic, bold and cool music.

Listen to the full EP below and follow the Flying Rabbit on Instagram:

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