The recent history of Latin America cannot be told without music. Mainly, without the music that expressed the non-conformity of social movements since the late 1970s. To trace this parallel and explain the growth of the effervescent rock scene in Hispanic Latin America, the documentary Break Everything: The History of Rock in Latin America, a six-episode documentary series produced by Netflix, gathers testimonies from several key names in the scene over the past half century. With speeches by Fito Páez, Alex Lora, Charly García, Rubén Albarrán, Julieta Venegas, Andrea Echeverri and even the late Gustavo Cerati, the doc is essential for those passionate about music and recent Latin American history.

We miss Brazil and the wide range of bands and key artists of our national rock, but the series is worth a lot to anyone who wants to know more about bands from countries like Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, among others. Check out the trailer: