Without being able to drag crowds as he has done in the last 8 years, the Kaya na Gandaiaa reggae group from São Paulo, dedicated itself to recording its debut album.

The bloco paulistano releases this Friday, 19th, one more single from its first album. ?São Paulo? is a powerful song, which is already a hit in the voices of Lei Di Dai, queen of the dancehall Brazilian and vocalist of the bloco, and British singer Pato Banton, known around the world for hits like ?Go Pato? and ?Groovin?

This song, which is co-written by Lei Di Dai with Pato Banton, fulfilled many of our dreams at the same time. Besides the honor of recording with an artist like Pato, we managed to include in the song a riddim by Toots (Hibbert, Jamaican leader of Toots and The Maytals, deceased in 2020), so it was a way to honor him as well. To top it off, another old dream of the block was rescued, which was to play a nyabinghi rhythm (ancestral rhythm connected to the Rastafari movement) with our carnival drumming," says Digo Amazonas, one of the founders of Kaya na Gandaia.

The album ?Abrindo Os Caminhos Pro Meu Carnaval?, to be released at the end of this month, also features participations by important figures of the Brazilian music scene, such as Roberto Barreto (BaianaSystem) and Afoxé Amigos de Katendê (founded by Môa do Katendê and Mestre Plínio), among others.


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