Photo: Vitor Mareco

Expanding her musical inspirations, the singer-songwriter Marina Peraltaone of the most important names in Brazilian reggae, releases the EP ?Leve? This is a compilation of new songs from the artist, with a new sound (listen to the complete Spotify).

With a current work well consolidated in the Brazilian reggae scene, Marina brings together in her new album songs that reveal the versatility of her musical references. It is the sum of Brazilian roots with the diversity of world music and contemporary digital elements.

The artist signs the musical production of the album together with Gabriel de Andrade, who is also responsible for the guitar, bass and acoustic guitar of the album. The team of musicians also includes Gleyton Berbet on flute, keyboard, and programming, and Anédio Izumi on drums and percussions.

Spirituality, motherhood and self-knowledge

?Light, that is to give time to breathe ...? Known for her lyrics with political and social content, Marina seeks to provide in the seven tracks of her new album a relief in the midst of difficult times. The singer emphasizes the importance of self-knowledge and feeling, inviting listeners to experience life with more lightness: "I want to be a channel to awaken in the listeners different ways and possibilities to make revolution," she says.

The project was funded by the Municipal Fund for Cultural Investments of the Secretariat of Culture and Tourism of the City of Campo Grande - MS (FMIC 2018).

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