São Paulo singer Nina Girassóis has been known and celebrated on the independent scene in São Paulo for some years. One of his best known songs, “Sangue Vermelho”, from 2017, gained prominence among vinyl collectors from Brazil and Europe, making the record a rarity.

In the middle of a pandemic, the artist's work again crosses borders, resulting in a connection with the French label Dubquake, one of the most important in the European independent scene.

“Heavyweight Sound” features the voice of Nina and the production of the DJ, music producer and researcher Paulera. “The lyrics of this song were written almost a decade ago and are still more current than ever, not only in relation to the economic and social climate in Brazil, but around the world”, explains Paulera, who composed and produced the song in 2012. Mixing was performed by Rico OBF at the Dubquake Studio (Rhône-Alpes, France) in 2020.

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