The job market is still far from offering equal opportunities for men and women, and it is no different in the music industry. According to data collected in the survey “Women in the Music Industry in Brazil: Opportunities, Obstacles and Perspectives”, conducted by Data SIM (International Music Week), which heard 1,450 women from all over the country, 84% from Brazilian women linked to the music sector were discriminated against in the work environment. 63% report that they were affected in some way by gender bias and approximately 21% of the professionals who responded to the survey do not feel comfortable in the workplace because of their gender.

These numbers warn of a reality that needs to be transformed and which, thanks to various initiatives by women worldwide, has begun to move towards positive and essential change. One of these initiatives is the project called “HQ of Mina”, Created by DJ and cultural producer Vivian Marques, São Paulo veteran of record players. The collective project was born out of a cycle of initiation workshops in the universe of disco, taught by Vivian, exclusively for women.

“When I gave the course to the different classes of students and lived the day-to-day there with them, listening to the difficulties and obstacles that each faced, I saw that they were also problems that I ended up facing, even having 14 years in the music market” , reports Vivian. “That was when a click, a snap, came to me, and I thought: this is the time to join forces with my students and, together, expand the spaces for action.”

Meeting of generations of female DJs

The idea of the project revolves around female representation and intergenerational exchange, with the exchange of experiences and knowledge. “The HQ is a female collective that aims to promote sound encounters between women of different generations, in addition to highlighting the female relevance within the DJ's Culture”, emphasizes Vivian Marques.

With 20 members nowadays, including from newly formed DJs to discotheques with extensive experience on the tracks, the HQ of Mina not only seeks the connection between events, houses and professionals but also works to empower women. “In addition to DJing, we also offer workshops and technical workshops, with practice in different DJing setups. We want to see women increasingly prepared and ready to take their own places in society and in the musical segment ”, concludes the creator.

Get to know the project and follow the agenda on Instagram: @qgdasminadjs

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