Many TV series are already amazing for their cinematography, direction and script, but how to make a series even better? By having a great soundtrack to accompany, either in the background of certain scenes, or to determine the mood of specific scenes, and also to guide our emotions in connection with what is happening on the screen.
A good soundtrack can turn a simple scene into something epic and memorable.

We have selected 5 series that have soundtracks as good as the series itself.
We hope you enjoy it.

Peaky Blinders Soundtrack

Peaky Blinders soundtrack needs no introduction, but although it takes place around 1920, the soundtrack arranged by Jack White and Nick Cave features songs that represent the era, but also more modern songs, ranging from Gene Austin to Black Sabbath, Black Keys, and Artic Monkeys.

Breaking Bad soundtrack

Breaking Bad became one of the most popular series on TV and its soundtrack was an integral part of its success. With songs ranging from Beastie Boys, Mexican classics like Los Zafiros to Afro-beat and Gnarls Barkley

Stranger Things Soundtrack

Stranger Things is a hit on Netflix, and much of it is connected to the 80s nostalgia it brought. And as should be no surprise, the soundtrack has a big influence on this, featuring bands like The Clash, Queen, Bon Jovi, Cindy Lauper, and Madonna.

Big Little Lies soundtrack

The Series Big Little Lies won in 2017 the first Emmy for musical supervision, and no surprises. The HBO series features music from bands like Alabama Shakes, Leon Bridges, The Cure, Otis Reeding and Massive Attack, among others.

The Handmaid's Tale soundtrack

The Series The Handmaid's Taleinspired by Margaret Atwood's book of the same name, which is about a dystopia where a Catholic faction takes power in order to restore peace after a terrorist attack on the president of the United States, has a soundtrack featuring Fiona Apple, Portishead, Kate Bush, Norah Jones, and more.

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