Award-winning singer and songwriter from Chicago, Terry Blade has just released her latest track - a real masterpiece. Her unique voice meets delicate lo-fi beats, with a touch of trip-hop, elegantly crossing the line between urban pop and R&B with a soft touch and rap-influenced melodies and rhythms.

Which genre does the song fit into? Difficult to define. In a single song there are many different styles, but always with the rich melodies of universal black music.

As the title suggests, the song talks about the "silent treatment" given by a partner in a love relationship, where there is a refusal to communicate with the other person or even to acknowledge their existence.

About Terry Blade

The emerging American artist calls his music "blackpostmodernistrootsmusic". The singer-songwriter uses his natural baritone to explore an artistic sound that fuses R&B with indie and folk influences, allowing him to express his individuality in a completely unconventional way.

His first EP, "Misery", was released on May 8, 2020 and has since achieved "gold" status on, receiving over 1,000,000 combined downloads, streams and views. Terry's experimental single "The Last Macbeth" won in 2020 the Best Original Song award at the New York Movie Awards; the Best Song award at the Oniros Film Awards; and the honorable mention award for best music video at the New York Movie Awards. Also in 2020, Terry's "The Widow" received the Best Original Song Award from the Florence Film Awards; the Honorable Mention Award for Best Music Video from the Florence Film Awards; and a Silver Award for Best Super Short Director from the Hollywood Gold Awards.

Terry's debut album, "American Descendant of Slavery", is due out in February 2021. The artist recently became part of the independent label ?Starburst Records?.

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