More and more we are seeing motorcycle manufacturers partner with customizers through various competitions of all themes. And almost always give creative freedom to customizers, which generates incredible templates. One brand that achieved unique levels of customization was Royal Enfield, with a motorcycle designed by Julian Palapa in Jakarta called .02view.

Julian, an architect and founder of Hello Kilau, was aware of the competition held by the Royal Enfield distributor and was hesitant, but decided to take a risk, using his architectural expertise as a differentiator for the project.

While on vacation in Amsterdam, I got a call from DMI saying my project was approved. Did not expect and was surprised. How was my design chosen from the works of the kustom culture gods in Indonesia? & #8221 ;,

Bringing together its three key elements for building success, structure, function and aesthetics, the RE creation process was the same as Julian adopts in his architectural firm, only this time with the ultimate goal of a tracker inspired by the years. 70, ready to face the urban environment.

For the color choice, Julian opened things up for a public vote, and when the votes were counted, the winning look was gold, black and silver. The bike is amazing and catches the eye wherever it goes, but for Jilian, what most impresses are the emotions it causes, and that is the greatest success of its creation.

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