Trying to start another topic here, the idea is to start introducing some of the best custom motorcycles around the world. To begin with, we will show you a project realized on a Buell (late Erik Buell's brand), by Bottpower of Spain.

David Sanchez is an experienced racing engineer, with stints on the European SuperBike circuit, and has used much of his experience to launch this XR1R.
The XR1R is basically a racing version of the XR1, more street-focused and inspired by tracker bikes.

We see it as a great supermoto that feels at home on curvy tracks

This bike also serves as Bottpower's experimental bike, where David tests new parts, one of them being a prototype titanium frame. The bike even has a vibration isolation system, Showa fork suspension from a Buell 1125, and Öhlins springs in the rear for extra comfort.
The entire fuel system is new, also coming with traction control, launch control, and 3 riding modes, plus of course (from your experience), a data acquisition system, so you can further improve the bike.

It was something necessary to improve the development With this bike we will measure things we normally wouldn't measure, such as stress at different points in the structure

Some of the other improvements feature an Italian GPR muffler and proprietary Bottpower air intakes. The brakes have also been improved, to perform better with slick racing tires.

The bike is far from being finished, as according to David it is an ongoing project. Check below a video presentation of this amazing customization:

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