Anubis, which is part of Egyptian culture, is known as the guardian god and protector of the dead, who led souls to the underworld.

According to legend, the judgment of a dead person was defined by the weight of his heart. If the heart weighed more than the "Feather of Truth", his body would be devoured by a demon. If it was lighter, his soul could come back to life or would have access to paradise.

The god is also associated with the protection of the pyramids, mummification and the afterlife. When people were mummified and embalmed, his presence was mandatory.

In the Egyptian culture, in which anthropomorphism and zoomorphism are common, the god Anubis is usually portrayed in black with a human body and a jackal's head. The choice of the jackal was because he is a protective animal where the dead are buried. In addition, he carries a whip around his waist, a cedar tree in his right hand, and a key in his left hand, which represents life and death.

The name Anubis comes from an Egyptian word ?inepe?, meaning to rot or putrefy. The black coloration is due to the use of substances during mummification.

Meaning of Anubis Tattoo:

  • Love for Egyptian culture
  • New Life
  • Death
  • God of the dead
  • Burial
  • Protector
  • Guide
  • Underworld
  • Life and death
  • Destination
  • Protector of Souls
  • Resurrection
  • Caution
  • Light and Fair Life
  • Power
  • Memory
  • Mystery

Here are some images of Anubis tattoos:

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