A pregnancy is not a dream of all women, but those who dream and are passionate about tattoos usually have doubts about how to combine the two passions. So, we went after essential information so that the dream of being a mother doesn't conflict with the tattoos located on the belly and ribs. Stay tuned ?

Tattooing and Pregnancy

Tattooing During Pregnancy ? Can You?

No. It is dangerous to tattoo during pregnancy (anywhere on the body) and it is unlikely that a serious tattoo artist will tattoo you. Besides the dangers that everyone runs when getting a tattoo, depending on the studio they choose - like the wrong use and disposal of needles, a hygiene issue that can lead to diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis B and C, the mother can still have problems with healing and keloids. It is worth remembering that a woman's body changes completely during pregnancy and it may not respond the same way as it used to to a tattoo. But, let's face it, you can wait 9 months to ensure your safety and that of your baby, right? Better safe than sorry.


Tattoo damage caused by pregnancy

Those who want to tattoo the rib area and the belly are always in doubt about what will happen when they get pregnant, as the skin stretches a lot during pregnancy it is normal that the tattoo stretches together and gets damaged. The question that remains is: Will my tattoo return to normal after pregnancy?

We hate to be the bearer of sad news, but the greater likelihood is that your tattoo will be permanently damaged. There are some exceptions, but it is a risk, which will depend on the elasticity of your skin.

According to Dr. Humberto Tindó*, during pregnancy there is a stretching of the skin, which can cause changes in the tattoo by mobilizing the pigments from which it is made in the epidermis (we have already talked here about how the tattoo is made), the more the skin stretches, the greater the risk of the drawing not returning to what it was originally? and if a c-section is made with the cut under the tattoo, the care has to be doubled because the risk of the suture transforming the tattoo into a jigsaw puzzle assembled in the wrong way is enormous.

The doctor also alerts that there is no point in passing more creams and oils on the skin, the care of a pregnant woman with tattoos on her belly and ribs is the same as for any pregnant woman.

Therefore, if you are thinking of becoming pregnant we advise leaving the belly and rib tattoos (if you intend to close or do them at abdomen height) until after pregnancy.

Pregnant Tattooists

We also saw some reports about pregnant tattooistsSome have said that they continue to work without problems, and others have said that they prefer not to tattoo anyone when they are pregnant because of the contact with other people's blood. But, this is very personal to the method that each one uses.


* Coordinator of the gynecology and obstetrics sector at Hospital Quinta D'Or interviewed by OGlobo.
Sources: OGlobo and DelasIG

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