You have a special phrase, a piece of music, a poem, or even a word, and you really want to get a tattoo to eternalize that "mantra" on your skin, either to honor or motivate you. However, here comes the biggest doubt of all, which font/typeface/letter (whatever you want to call it) to use?

I've seen enough people choosing the tattoo letter through Word and the fonts available on the computer itself, but there are other ways to choose your perfect font, and believe me, there is a whole world of font options that can match you ? in case you didn't know.

Two sites I recommend are DaFont and the NetFontsI chose the font for my most recent tattoo at DaFont, where you can put your phrase and test it in various fonts.

Phrase Tattoo about Freedom


Most popular font types for phrase tattoos

Calligraphy / Calligraphy tattoo fonts

Fonts from the calligraphy category, which is within the ?handmade? fonts, fit super well for tattoos with a light and reflective meaning. It reminds relaxation and sensuality by its organic forms and, in some cases, loaded with ornaments.

Tattoo Fountain - Calligraphy

Stick / Basic
Indicated for tattoos with harder and more impacting meanings, the stick typeface, either with serifs (straight fonts that have a "pearl" at the end of the letters) or without, are harder and visually heavy typographies. Therefore, more suitable for phrases that have the same characteristics.

Tattoo Font - Sans Serif

Fonts in the Gothic category are those based on ancient and medieval books. Even if you don't do anything related to Design, you have probably seen in some children's storybook or even in history classes when you learned who Gutemberg was. This font is ideal for quotes from children's stories or stories related to the medieval era.

Tattoo Fountain - Gothic

Old School
This typeface is one of the "favorites" of the tattooed, it is not a question of the personality of the phrase that you are going to tattoo, but of your style. This font has much more connection with your personality, but because it is a "heavy" font, it is worth saying that for huge phrases it does not fit very well.

Old School Fountain for Tattoos

Of course, beyond these there are thousands of sources, so it's worth doing a lot of digging and finding the one that has the most to do with you and your tattoo. It is always worth looking carefully for something that will be part of you forever ?




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