It was authored by tattoo artist Deborah Soares.

There are those who think, that the life of a tattoo artist is easy.
But what they don't know, that she is made of pain.

Every day we wake up, with the usual excitement.
Frustration soon follows.

He then begins to pack up all his material.
With already the usual personal zeal.

With each passing moment, he gets more excited:
Today, many will be tattooed?

The day begins: two little names!
?one in the back, one in the foot?

- One more procedure ? note with the pen.
Another ex-husband's name, there to turn butterfly!

The client, a little weak, starts to jump!
The patient tattooist feels like strangling!

Three stars!!!
But how much emotion!
The tattoo artist thinks: "What a lack of imagination.

Every tattoo artist knows this harsh reality:
Few customers have any creativity.

Later in the afternoon, another disappointment:
Three little Japanese letters, near the heart.

The dream tattoo takes a while to come, but almost at closing, tattoo artist smiles again!

A beautiful, all oriental design.
The tattoo artist then shows his full potential.

He looks with pride at the final result.
And you know that your work was worth it after all!

The work is hard, and may even tire, but every tattooist knows, that his life is tattooing!

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