The top model Alice Dellal, an emblematic fashion character, oozes style and daring, from her undercut hair, shaved on the sides, to her 16 tattoos that she carries on her body, the daughter of Brazilian top model Andréa Dellal and Englishman Guy Dellal says that she has almost given up her modeling career for often having her style pruned in the fashion universe. Always wearing transparent dresses, leather jackets, ripped pantyhose, and lots of black, the top is often criticized for not following the ladylike line of other models.

She was recently elected the new muse of the powerful Karl Lagerfeld, to star in the Chanel campaign, the apex of any model's career, making her at the age of 23 one of the most consecrated tops of the century, besides also being the drummer of the rock band Thrush Metal.

Alice says that all her tattoos have a special meaning with a story or a memory. See below the style and some of the punk model's tattoos.

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