One of the most frequent questions we receive is: where does it hurt most to get a tattoo?
The infographic below presents well the relationship of pain to the places on the body where we are getting a tattoo:

Where does it hurt most to get a tattoo?

Not everyone feels the same pain when getting a tattoo

But it is also always worth remembering that pain is relative, varying from person to person. Some people may say that it hurts more to get tattoos on the elbow and ribswhile others may say that do not feel pain when getting a tattoo. The sensitivity is usually greatest where the parts of the body have the thinnest skin, having the most contact with bones, such as the elbow, ribs, feet, and the inner areas of the arms and legs.

To say that tattooing doesn't hurt would be an exaggeration, because there will always be a pain, after all you are having needles penetrating your body, as you can see in our article about How to Get a Tattoo. Pain usually is bearableHowever, some people may still feel more (often influenced by fear), asking the tattooist to stop a few times during the sessions, or even pass xylocaine over the area.

Anyway, for those who have never had a tattoo, we recommend that you start with a small tattoo, so that you don't leave it incomplete later if you can't handle it. And for those who already have one, the question remains, Where did you feel the most pain and how did it feel?



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