Bruna Marquezine is a 26-year-old actress and digital influencer, very famous for her participation in several Brazilian soap operas and series since her childhood. The actress is admittedly passionate about tattoos, which are usually cute and delicate, with fine lines and no fillers. The actress herself has already said that she doesn't even know exactly how many drawings she has, but we will see here many of her tattoos that can serve as inspiration.

1 – Coração on her finger, which represents love. She became well known because her ex-boyfriend, the soccer player Neymar, has the same tattoo.

2 – Cruz on the rib, symbol of faith.

3 – Be Greatful. Tattoo a bit controversial at the time, as the writing of "Grateful" is wrong.

4-Art Babe

5 – A word faith behind the ear

6 – Um ramo de flores under the breast

7 – Coração humano on the buttocks

8 – Constelação de Leãoyour sign and the phrase "J'ai Faim"which means "I'm hungry".

9 – A palavra amor


10 – Salmo 91, no pé, que diz “Aquele que habita no lugar secreto do Altíssimo, ficará à sombra do Todo-Poderoso”.


11 – Âncora. According to Bruna, it is a reminder of the existence of a safe harbor. To be able to dream, but keep your feet on the ground.

12 – Raio

13 – Meia lua

14 – Um passarinho

15 – Self Love Clubtattoo made together with her friend Manu Gavassi

16 – Borboleta e Saturno

Tattoos, motorcycles, graffiti, music are some of my passions and my main topics on BlendUp.

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