What is the meaning of cage tattoos? What do these small structures, which are used to house mainly animals such as birds, rodents and reptiles, have to say when they are branded on someone's skin? Check it out!

What does cage tattoo mean?

It is increasingly common to see beautiful tattoos of open cages with birds flying, bringing the symbolism of freedom, of flying to make dreams come true. A closed and empty cage, on the other hand, shows the emptiness, the dreams that have not been fulfilled. A closed cage with a bird inside may represent imprisonment, the impossibility of moving from the place where one is. Besides animals, other images can accompany the cage, such as hearts, brains, money, and human representations.

Cage tattoos can be seen in light and fine monochromatic strokes or in bright colors, it will all depend on the personal taste of the person who has chosen to mark forever the symbolism of the cage tattoo!

Cage Tattoo Pictures

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