The carp tattoo is one of the best known fish tattoos, besides being quite recurrent in the oriental tattoo universe. The beauty of this animal and its symbolism usually define the choice of who looks for this tattoo. But what is the meaning of the carp tattoo?

Meaning of carp tattoo

O meaning of the carp tattoo is broad and very positive. A Japanese legend tells that the carp had to go through very difficult obstacles such as rapids, waterfalls, and rocks to lay its eggs. If it survived them all, it would eventually become a powerful dragon.

Among the main symbolisms associated with this animal are prosperity, results obtained after struggle, willpower, and the power to achieve what you want. Accomplished goals and the determination to achieve them form as the main symbolism of this design. Are you going to get a carp tattoo? Then get inspired by the designs below!

Carp tattoo pictures

Click on the images below to see them in high resolution.

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