Web Tattoos spider were often associated with the criminal world, but as time went by, this association lost strength and gained new meanings.

Inside the prison, the spider web was tattooed on the arm or elbow. It was associated with white supremacists or served as a time reference, according to how many threads.

Today, this tattoo is more visual, for no specific reason. Famous artists started using the web simply for looks, and from then on it became popular.

Today it is also associated with personal struggleas an expression of a turbulent momentum in life, as a sense of imprisonment, discomfort or feeling of not being in the right place.

The image of the web can even be associated with overcoming about something that imprisons your lifeSuch as alcohol or drug addiction.

Popular among motorcyclists, it is considered a representation of the trap that life's destiny has chosen for you.


Meaning of Spider Web Tattoo:

  • Prison
  • Fight
  • Destination
  • Imprisonment
  • Liberation
  • Overcoming
  • Spider
  • Nature
  • Gangs
  • Imprisonment
  • Racism
  • White Supremacy
  • Personal project


Here are some images of spider web tattoos:

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