The crow is considered to be a very intelligent bird, and for this reason, in some cultures it acts as a messenger of deep secrets. Tattooing this animal shows that you are in tune with your intuitive powers, value intelligence, and enjoy satiating your sense of curiosity.

Meaning of Raven tattoos

Birds have representatives on all temperate continents and several islands, for this reason, their meaning varies greatly from one culture to another.

See some meanings commonly shared:

  • Cunning and Intelligence
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork and reciprocity
  • Transformation
  • Psychic abilities
  • Beliefs and Mysteries
  • Connection between the world of the living and the dead

Because of its color and scavenging habits, it can symbolize darkness, death, loneliness, bad luck, and bad omen. On the other hand, in various cultures it symbolizes positive aspects such as cunning, healing, wisdom, fertility, and hope.

Amerindians They treated them as divine beings, endowed with wisdom, represented in totems of protection against negative energies.

In the East represents gratitude, family love, the divine messenger that represents good omen.

In the Bibleare described as impure and have come to be associated with the occult and death.

In Norse mythologyHugin (spirit) and Munnin (memory or mind) traveled the world and were messengers of Odinthe most powerful Norse god.

In the Middle AgesIt was believed that they were the pets of witches, or that witches had the magical ability to transform themselves into them.

Crow Tattoo Pictures

Check out more photos of crow tattoos.

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