Known in various cultures as death, reaper or angel of death, the image is a personification of death, which appears most often as a shadowy skeleton wrapped in a black hooded cloak, holding a sickle.

Meaning of Death tattoos

Here are some more meanings associated with this figure:

  • Mortality
  • Fear
  • Darkness
  • End
  • Dark
  • Fresh Start
  • Transition
  • Acceptance of death
  • Courage

Represents the creature that comes to us in our final moment. Those who tattoo it show that one day their moment will come. The sickle was an agricultural tool used in ancient times, and is a symbol of the Human souls plucked as well as crops from the earth.

It can also have a more positive meaning, such as acceptance of the cycle of life, starting over, and resilience even with dark days. Sometimes it can be a motivational symbol, that you need to make the most of the days in your life.

The grim reaper is sometimes depicted in a more human or amusing way, doing banal everyday things. With a lighter look, it demonstrates the acceptance that it is a normal part of life.

In Brazil, according to a police orientation booklet, it is a tattoo of criminals who participate in death squads.



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