A dove of peace is a Christian symbolNoah released a white pigeon to find dry land. After a while, the bird returned with an olive branch in its beak and Noah could know that there was still hope for mankind. Some people use it as a symbol of fresh start, victory and success.

Besides this fact, there are also times in the Bible when pigeons are described as messengers of God or Holy Spirit.

The tattoo of dove holding keys represents the opening of the gates of heaven by St. Peter. It can also symbolize love, connection and memories being kept in the heart.

According to ancient mythologythese birds were associated with the love and sexualityIt became the symbol of the goddesses Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology), Venus (goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology), and Inanna-Ishtar (Mesopotamian goddess of love and sex).

They are a reference for love and companionshipThey are monogamous animals and stay together throughout their lives.


Meaning of Dove Tattoos:

  • Peace
  • Faith
  • Purity
  • Simplicity
  • Love
  • Fellowship
  • Loyalty
  • Harmony
  • Family
  • Hope
  • Fresh Start
  • Happiness
  • Messenger
  • World Peace
  • Free Spirit


Take a look at some images of Dove Tattoos:

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