We always receive some e-mails or I am asked, during conversations, what are the main "tips" to plan and get a tattoo in peace. Besides knowing how to choose the design, it is necessary to be sure of what is going to be done, before doing anything.
I will give some tips that are worthwhile for all people.

Design Choice

Tattoo Tips - Choosing a Tattoo Design

This moment is one of the most important for your tattoo, because it is the one that will stamp your skin. Before you go searching the internet or looking at tattoo images on impulse, try to read your own references and inspirations: they can be drawings, lifestyle, a memorable moment, an overcoming or even a special person. After this decision, it is worth studying some tattoo styles, to see which one catches your attention the most, or the one you are most interested in. This way, your tattoo can take different directions and be something much more than a simple phrase or symbol.

Site selection

Tattoo choice tips - location

After you have thought about your design, it is good to decide the location of your tattoo. It is worth remembering that, depending on the size of the design or the details, the place chosen can guarantee the success or failure of the tattoo. It sounds ironic, but tattoos can change the destiny of your future. If you get a drawing somewhere that could compromise your professional life, for example, you could be harmed. Unfortunately, prejudice against tattooed people still exists in Brazilian society. So, if you are still not sure about the professional area you are going to work in, or if you don't know if you will be well accepted in interviews, a recommendation is to get the tattoo in places that can be covered. It is not our will to give this tip, but, in the same way that there are tattoo lovers, there are those who don't like it and those who are prejudiced.

It is good to give this warning, mainly for people who want to get a tattoo because of fashion or impulse. It is worth remembering that, wanting it or not, a tattoo in a more "aggressive place", as some people say, can sell your image, regardless of your personality. This is a problem for the whole society, which judges by appearance, and not by content. For this reason, we emphasize that if you are not prepared for this type of situation, choose a place that you can "hide".

Professional's opinion

It is good to always consult the opinion of a professional in the area, because the tattooist will be able to tell you if what you have in mind is possible or not, if he is qualified or recommends another tattooist specialized in the chosen work. It is worth remembering that since there are many different types of tattoo styles, line sizes, and painting styles, sometimes the design style is not the strong point of a tattoo artist. With this, he will be able to recommend a colleague in the area to do an excellent job and give opinions about your design, trying to add to create something unique.


Appropriate place

Before you get a tattoo at a tattoo studio, make sure that it is regulated, registered, and has an operating license authorized by the health surveillance agency. Also check if it is a company, that is, if it has a CNPJ number, because if there is any problem with your tattoo (I hope there isn't), you can take legal action. Always look for the Biosecurity certificate and give preference to companies with professionals syndicated to an entity, such as SETAP-BR (Sindicato das Empresas de Tatuagem e Body Piercing do Brasil).

Always check if the studio uses disposable material or sterilizes toe caps. It seems like a silly observation, but if you are careless you can contract diseases such as Hepatitis C.

Finding the right tattoo artist

Tattoo tips - the right tattoo artist

Know that it is your responsibility to certify the quality of the professional. If you are wondering, "How do I know if he is right for me?", look at his portfolio and see pictures of his work. Find out if he is good at the style of tattoo you have chosen and if he has work in this style. If not, it is worth stopping by the studio and talking to the tattoo artist. Try to take a look at the tattoo artist's latest work. If the tattoo artist does not have photos of his work, be concerned, as you may take a risk in trusting your skin without knowing the experience and competence of the professional.

When you look at tattoos, pay attention mainly to the black outlines, whether the lines are regular or irregular. When it comes to shading, pay attention to whether there are no flaws or if the shading has simply become a black blur. See if the tattoo artist knows how to work with the play of light in this case. If you observe the work and find it adequate, stop by the studio and talk to them. If possible, ask to see a tattoo session. This way you can see how he works.

Emotional side

Emotional Side Tattoo - Tips

If you are depressed or have low self-esteem avoid getting a tattoo, you may not want to remember this period in your life. Don't use your body to prove something to someone, and don't get a tattoo on impulse. All of these situations can make you regret it in the future.


Tattoo value

I think this is a subject that many may not agree with my opinion, but it is worth remembering that price is not synonymous with quality. Know that tattooing is a work of art, and there is no set value per size, type of design, or color. Who sets the price is the artist, that is, the tattoo artist. I think what bothers an artist the most is "asking for a discount" on their work. Sometimes you may think the price is too much, but never compare the work of a tattoo artist with the other one because of the price, nor talk to the professional about "but the other one charges half that", because the answer can be harsh and rude, for example, "so go do it".

Don't economize, because we are talking about an art made on the skin, and the removal process is more expensive than you think, and can compromise your body with certain marks. So, when you go to get a tattoo and budget for it, you must also know how to measure the artist's value and what he will add to your story. Don't choose one professional or another simply because of the price or the payment methods.

The value can be influenced by some factors, such as the reputation of the tattoo artist in the market, the tattoo studio, the quality offered, the physical structure of the store, and also the place to be tattooed.

Meaning of the tattoo

It is always good to do some research to find out the meaning of the tattoo. Sometimes you can tattoo something that is not exactly what you think, although the meaning of the tattoo is personal, but it is a recommendation, especially for symbols that can mean connection with prisoner tattoos, for example. The Tattoo Tattoo blog has a category of tattoo meanings on the site. Come on in and take a look!

Another tip is to always know if the writing in another language is correct, especially the Japanese and Chinese ideograms, because, by mistake, you can tattoo ?Fogosa/o? instead of ?Família?

At the time of tattooing

The day has come to get a tattoo. This is always an important moment. Many people get anxious, but we have some recommendations. Always go to the tattoo parlor rested and well nourished, and avoid going without food or sleep. Not doing this can harm your organism and increase the possibility of you getting sick during the tattoo session, not because of the act of tattooing but because you are getting sick, such as a drop in blood pressure and even nausea. Avoid moving around too much when tattooing, because you can disturb the tattooist and, in one of these movements, the tattooist can accidentally tattoo something wrong in the drawing.

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