The feather tattoo is very popular among both men and women, and according to personal intention, it can have many meanings.

Meanings of Feather tattoos:

  • Freedom
  • Lightness
  • Speed
  • Purity
  • Loss
  • Birth
  • Luck
  • Spirituality
  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Charity
  • Virtue

The meaning can also vary according to the bird represented:

Peacock - Wealth, rebirth, vanity




Fenix - Rebirth and immortality




Eagle - Bravery, courage, honor




Dove - Peace, love, sympathy




Owl - Wisdom, mystery. More meanings of owl tattoos.




Raven -Ability, liberation. More meanings of raven tattoos.




In former times, the image of feathers was often used in rituals, as a way to connect with the spirits of birds. Today they also represent the freedom they provide.


See some pictures of the Feather Tattoo

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