Crow Tattoos can have many meanings and are one of the most sought-after and elaborate themes today.
In addition to the references published on our page about Definition of Raven Tattoos, we decided to bring here some more examples of crow tattoos for your inspiration.

Crow Tattoos on the Back

Because the back has considerable room for tattooing, the location is often chosen for large, detailed raven tattoos, as you can see in the gallery below. A raven tattoo can also complement other designs on the back.

crow tattoos on chest

Similar to the back, the chest is an area that has a lot of space and with it many creative and large tattoos can be done.

crow tattoos on hands

Due to the limited area, it is more common to see only the heads of the crows tattooed on the hands, but that doesn't stop some people from making a more minimalist crow that fits the entire hand.

Crow tattoos on arms and legs

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