For some Yoga practitioners, the body is something sacred and should not be tarnished. For others, the skin is just a blank canvas, allowing them to display thoughts, texts, and deities that inspire and inform their practice.
These works, done on shoulders, chest, arms, and legs can be ?hidden? during a work day, as is done by many. But when practicing Yoga in many cases, the clothes are gone, and the tattoos are shown.

O New York Times has created a gallery with several tattooed people who practice Yoga. Check it out below:


The peacock that covers the left side of Carol's back is a way of representing her personality, being at times displayed and also warm. Carol is a vinyasa practitioner and says her tattoo took over 25 hours to make, costing over $2,000.


Trainor, who currently practices Anusara for its universal alignment principles, was 19 years old when she made the tacting out a Lotus Flower on her chest. She was attracted to the symbol, since it is born in dirty water and emerges in the light, which pleased her.


Tattoos mark a moment you want to remember. Life is co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga International School. Life has done his tattoos in 4 phases, but claims to have stopped after they became "mainstream".

Other photos from the Yoga and Tattoos gallery

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