A Maori tattoo originates from the people maori. This New Zealand tribe sees tattoos with a meaning far beyond aesthetics. Within the traditions of these people, the more important and noble a man was within his clan, the more designs on the skin of his face he would have.

For this reason, the beauty and history of Maori tattoo strokes have caught the attention of the whole world in the last few years. Its geometric lines and unique designs have won the taste of tattoo lovers.

Maori Tattoo on Face

Getting a Maori tattoo

A legitimate Maori tattoo is unique and individual. Therefore, no two legitimate Maori tattoos are the same in the world. To get a true Maori tattoo, you need to find a specialized artist who has in-depth knowledge of this type of art, or even contact a studio in New Zealand.

Therefore this skin art tells the story of each person. In addition, it represents beliefs, feelings, and personality traits. See photos of Maori tattoos and get inspired!

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