The hourglass, also known as watch is one of the oldest instruments for measuring time. It consists of two transparent ambulae with a small hole connecting one to the other.

One of the symbologies of this object is the time associated with the cycle of life, in which we are all born, grow up, and die. It is a reminder that growing old is part of this cycle and not something to be afraid of, because we should live in the present and enjoy the time we have.

All human beings inevitably turn the hourglass, that is, they begin and end cycles in their lives, or they let time go by without much concern for the future. When an hourglass is represented with wings, it suggests the famous "time flies", when we realize that time has passed and we don't even notice it. There are also times that pass very slowly, that need more patience along the way.

There is a spiritual meaning that associates the hourglass with life and death. When there is passage from one side to the other, it means passage from the earthly world to the heavenly world, and vice versa.

Meaning of Hourglass Tattoo:

  • Time
  • Inevitability
  • Circle of Time
  • Aging
  • Life and death
  • Past, present and future
  • Transitoriness of life
  • Patience
  • Finitude
  • Urgency
  • Cycle

See some images of Hourglass tattoos:

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