What is the meaning of mandala tattoos? This is a recurrent and much appreciated theme when the subject is tattoos! Learn what it means.

Mandala tattoo meanings

Found in many cultures around the world, the word Mandala means circle in Sanskrit (ancient language of Nepal and India).

The symbol, has several meanings such as:

  • Universe
  • Magic Circle
  • Energy Concentration
  • Integration
  • Harmony
  • Search for inner peace
  • Eternity
  • Balance
  • Everything is connected

In some religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, they are used as instruments of concentration and to reach higher states of meditation.

In psychology, according to Jungian theory, it symbolizes the struggle for the total unity of the self.

Colors and their meanings:

Besides the geometric elements, colors can also assume importance according to your intention:

RedStrength, more energy and passion
 RosaLove, femininity and intuition
OrangeCreativity, self-awareness, intuition and transformation
YellowWisdom, learning, laughter and happiness
 GreenPhysical healing, psychic ability, nature and care
 BlueEmotional healing, inner peace and meditation
 PurpleAll things spiritual, for spiritual focus
BlackDeep Thought, Mystery, and Individuality

Mandala Tattoo Pictures


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