Tattoos with the Anarchy symbol have as their main meaning, the direct connection with anarchic groups. Groups and individuals who wish to peacefully destabilise decentralised government cooperatives, through to those who act violently in search of following without any form of government. In the idealised theory, Anarchy consists of political, governmental freedom, without authoritarian intervention, resulting in maximum freedom and rights for individuals.

Tattoos with the Anarchy symbol are often performed with its traditional symbol: a capital A inside a letter O (reminiscent of the phrase Anarchy and Order) and has as its main meaning the anti-government vein, contrary to many who believe it is related to white supremacy.
The origin of the Anarchy symbol is relatively modern, having its possible beginnings in the Spanish Civil War (1936 ? 1939). But the symbol became even more popular after it was adopted following the 1968 attack in France.

Photo gallery of tattoos with the anarchy symbol

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