O Ankh is an Egyptian symbol that is seen in drawings and hieroglyphics from the 5th Egyptian dynasty onward, and is found mainly in the Temples of Luxor, Medinet Habu, Hatshepsut, Karnak, and Edfu. Its meaning is linked to Key of Life ? a symbol of eternity and prosperity.

Some Egyptian Gods and Goddesses were depicted in paintings holding the Ankh near their nose to represent that they inhaled the Breath of eternal life.

There are many theories about what the Ankh means and represents, among them are:

  • The shape of the Nile Valley.
  •  The combined male and female reproductive apparatus (which again refers to life, the union of man and woman that results in new life).
  • Symbol of eternity.
  • Symbol of Resurrection.

And like most ancient symbols, this one is also criticized and seen as a satanic symbol, but this is just a connotation that gothic movies gave it, it is essentially religious, but of a religion that is no longer practiced. crossThis is why it is also called Crus Ansata.

A Ankh Tattoo brings protection and prosperity to the tattooed person, tattooing an Ankh means wishing eternal life for oneself. And, for lovers of Egyptian culture, the Ankh can be represented in a small tattoo, but with a strong meaning.

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