The Greek goddess Athena symbolizes wisdom, learning, skill, and justice. She was part of the twelve gods of Olympus and was one of the main goddesses of Ancient Greece.

A owl is one of its main symbols. According to mythology, the bird was her mascot and revealed secrets to the goddess through her clairvoyance.

Another important symbol is the olive tree, since it was a gift from him to the Greek people. As a form of thanks, they made it their patron saint.

Because she is a great warrior, a symbol of strategy and the wisdom of war, her image is usually depicted with a war helmet, a shield, and a spear.

Meaning of Athena Tattoo:

  • Wisdom
  • Learning
  • Ability
  • Justice
  • Greece
  • Owl
  • Armor
  • Oliveira
  • Patroness
  • Warrior
  • Strategy

See some images of tattoos with Athena:

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