The axe is one of the oldest tools created by man. It was very important in the evolution of society, being used for hunting, self-defense, construction, and war weapons. As the years went by, the axe was adapted with different shapes and points, which ensured its permanence throughout the millennia until today. According to scholars, the piece is the oldest of all tools, with almost 2 million years in use.

The image of the axe today is a symbol of overcoming the battles of life, a reference to the fearless and courageous human being.

This tool shows not only a personal war, but also tiredness, strength, and sacrifice in defense of a community, a family, or even an ideology. It is a symbol of a fearless being, who does not even fear death.


Meaning of Axe Tattoo:

  • Go to
  • Creation
  • Death
  • Destruction
  • Construction
  • Fertility
  • Battle
  • Fearless spirit


See some images of Axe tattoos:

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