Are you a cat lover? Then you will certainly be interested in the meaning of Bastet tattoos!

It all starts in Ancient Egypt, among the ancient Egyptian gods. Bastet was one of these gods, and her representation is a cat. Find out more!

Meaning of Bastet tattoo

Bastet is one of the goddesses of the Egyptian pantheon, represented by a cat or a human body with the head of a cat. She was the daughter of Ra, god of the Sun. Although in ancient times the goddess was represented by a lioness, in the millennium before Christ she already appeared as a cat, since the cat was already, in this period, domesticated and revered by the Egyptians.

The Bastet tattoo signifies protection and fertility. It also brings in a complementary aspect between fury and peace. There are images of the goddess with her kittens, which symbolizes a maternal aspect. If you love cats and also admire the history of the Egyptian gods, perhaps the Bastet tattoo is a good choice.

Check out some photos of Bastet tattoos

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