What is the meaning of bee tattoos? What do these charming little animals bring as symbolism to people's skin? Find out more!

What does the bee tattoo mean?

The social organization of bees is something really fascinating in nature. Since ancient times, these small animals have been seen as divine representatives, since they are responsible for producing honey, a sacred food in many cultures. There was also a belief that bees connected the earthly world to the spiritual world. Many may just find the animal beautiful and even have a playful look to it, because of its colors and shape.

There is also the very interesting figure of the queen bee. Larger than the worker bees and the drones, the queen gives rise to all the individuals of the colony and is the leader of the colony. Tattooing a queen bee carries the meaning of royalty, of being unique, of power. It also symbolizes life and the energy to live.

Bee tattoo pictures

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