Binary code is the language of computers, which works by electrical impulses, as if they were "on/off", represented by only two values: 0 and 1.

The code performs any kind of operation, in a simple and safe way, and it is possible to assign a numeric set for words, numbers from 0 to 9, functions, accents, symbols, etc. On the Internet, there are several sites that can do this ?translation? automatically, preventing mistakes by people who are more laymen on the subject.

Nowadays, digital art has become something very common, even within the world of body art. Binary tattoos have very particular meanings and are sometimes even used to hide a deeper meaning in plain sight. Although they are simple, they are popular and can gain great prominence within a composition.


Meaning of Binary Code Tattoo:

  • Geek
  • Computers
  • Code
  • Programming
  • Language
  • Secret
  • Hidden
  • Personalized
  • Staff
  • Digital World

Here are some images of Binary Code tattoos:

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