Since ancient times, the boat has been a very important tool for all peoples, whether fishing or exploring new lands.

It is associated with life and death, as a destination, with a beginning, a great journey, and an end. In the middle of the ocean, the boat serves as a protection to a journey with no turning back, passing through both serene waters and dangerous, rough waters.

In addition to the journey of life, the boat is very much associated with the feeling of freedom, the adventurous spirit, and travel lovers who love to get to know new places and new cultures.

In some mythologies, such as Egyptian and Greek, the dead left the world of the living in a boat and, in the case of the Egyptians, still faced great adversity to reach their destination.

In Christianity, the boat represents the churchwhich accommodates and protects its faithful from the dangers and temptations of life.

Meaning of Boat Tattoo:

  • Freedom
  • Journey
  • Instrument
  • Browse
  • Life and Death
  • Protection
  • Sea
  • Explore
  • Church
  • Transportation
  • Adventure
  • Cultures
  • Travel

Here are some images of Boat tattoos:

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