According to the constitution, the Brazilian flag is a national symbol. In 1889, soon after the Proclamation of the Republic, it was created by means of a decree signed by the provisional president who took office at the time. From that moment on, the country ceased to be a monarchy and became a republic.

Each part of the flag has a different meaning. It is made up of a green rectangle, a yellow diamond in the center, a sky blue sphere inside the diamond, a white band with the words "Order and Progress" and 27 stars that represent all 26 states and the Federal District.

Originally, it was inspired by the colors of the empire's flag, with green being the symbol of the royal house of Braganza and yellow of the royal house of Habsburg. However, over time, Brazilian society associated other colors with the colors of the meanings for each of the colors:

  • White: desire for peace;
  • Blue: Brazilian sky, rivers and seas;
  • Yellow: riches of the country;
  • Green: woods, forests;

The phrase "Order and Progress" was based on the studies of the French philosopher and founder of positivism, Auguste Comte.

Those who get a flag tattoo seek to demonstrate all their patriotism and love for the country, representing not only its identity, but also its history.

 Meaning of the Brazilian flag tattoo:

  • Nationality
  • Identity
  • History
  • National Symbol
  • Republic
  • Patriotism
  • Love for the country
  • Peace
  • Seas
  • Forests
  • Positivism
  • States
  • Memory
  • Longing

Here are some images of tattoos with the Brazilian flag:

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